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Joe Biden: why he can’t bring his exercise bike to the White House

Joe Biden is about to finish his boxes. In a few days, the President-elect of the United States will be officially invested in the White House during a ceremony necessarily special because of the health crisis and in which Donald Trump will not participate. But before settling in Washington, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Joe Biden will have to part with a rather surprising object: his exercise bike. The reason ? Its security services are concerned about the technology in such a device. As Popular Mechanics points out, “most exercise bikes have a camera connected to the Internet.” Result for Joe Biden: “So there is a chance that the Platoon of the president-elect will be subject to a major security review.” “Because you are connected to the Internet, even though there are firewalls and intrusion detection software … these things can be bypassed if you are really good and knowledgeable,” says a professor at the University. from Texas to San Antonio.

According to Max Kilger, the White House secret service will have to take action to protect Joe Biden’s exercise bike from outside threats. “If you really want it to be secure, you have to remove the camera, remove the microphone and remove the network equipment …, he explains. But in these cases, the bike becomes boring. You lose. the connected object and attractiveness. ” And Joe Biden will not be the first White House tenant to comply with such measures. In The Verge in 2017, a reporter wrote that a “person close to the company” told her that Michelle Obama used a modified exercise bike, without a camera or microphone, for her daily sport. And if this security can make you smile, it is nevertheless fundamental for users. All the more so for the President of the United States.

Joe Biden’s recommendations

On a security page, the Peloton brand also writes that “whatever efforts [they] devote [to] system security, vulnerabilities can always be present”. She then asks security researchers to help disclose the new threats to make her devices less vulnerable. “Someone could attack this Peloton bike, install malware, and reach other places in the White House,” worries the security specialist in the columns of Popular Mechanics. If Joe Biden is therefore surely going to have to part with this device, the Secret Service can take precautions to help the president-elect to sweat safely. These included “setting up the bike in a special gym and prohibiting classified discussions in that room” or asking the family to use “a wired connection for the Peloton that is separate from the rest of the White House network.” At the time of his election, Donald Trump moved in with a $ 50,000 golf simulator equipped with sensors, cameras and … an internet connection.

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