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Joe Biden: what did his son Beau die of?

A few hours before the opening of the polling stations for the presidential elections, Joe Biden had gathered at the grave of his eldest son, Beau, buried in Delaware … At 46, the latter died on May 30 2015 after a long battle with brain cancer. Highly regarded by Democrats, the young man was in a good position to become governor of Delaware. Ambitious, Beau Biden had sadly seen his dreams fly away when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 after he felt weak while on vacation. Two years later, he passed away at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, leaving behind his wife and their two children.

Following the death, Joe Biden, who had already lost his first wife and daughter in a traffic accident in December 1972, said in a statement: “The whole family is in indescribable grief. We know that Beau’s spirit will endure in us – especially through his brave wife, Hallie, and his two remarkable children, Natalie and Hunter. Beau fought brain cancer with the same integrity, courage and strength that he did demonstrated every day of his life. ” In 2019, it was in her memoirs that Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s second wife and Beau’s stepmother, revealed: “Since Beau’s death, I am in pieces. I feel like a Chinese porcelain object whose pieces have been glued – the cracks may be imperceptible, but they are there. ”

Joe Biden proud of his son’s career

Last February, it was during a rally that the Democratic candidate revealed: “The person I saw running for president this year was Beau Biden, not Joe Biden.” Indeed, the latter wanted to lead his son to the White House. In September 2015, a few months after Beau’s death, Joe Biden had already revealed: “I just lost him. My son was better than me. He was better than me in almost everything … I didn’t. never, never, never heard of a complaint. ” An opinion shared by Barack Obama who had unveiled in a press release after his death: “Like his father, Beau was a good, generous person, a practicing Catholic and a deeply believer who marked the lives of all those who met him. Beau has achieved so much in his life. But nothing made him prouder, nothing made him happier than the love of his family. ”

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