Joe Biden wanted to take a short bike ride on Saturday June 18, 2022, in Delaware, where he spent the weekend. Only, he didn’t expect his little trip to take this turn. While riding his bicycle along Rehoboth Beach, a small seaside town, he stopped to greet passers-by and journalists who were waiting for him. Only, by stopping, the American president fell. He explained that he had difficulty dislodging his foot from the pedal, which was fitted with a toe clip. While his bike was stationary and one of his feet was stuck in the pedal, he lost his balance and fell to the side, according to numerous videos circulating on social networks.

Immediately, Joe Biden was relieved by the members of his security and he wanted to reassure all the people who had his downfall. “I’m fine,” he said. While he was wearing shorts, he appeared to have no trace of his fall on his legs, according to various reporters who were present. The US president also wore blue sneakers, a bicycle helmet and gloves. After chatting with a few passers-by and journalists, he got back on his bike and resumed his ride.

Joe Biden fell off his bike, stationary. His foot got stuck in the pedal straps. Nothing exceptional then. But the RS will ignite: senile, fossil … And no one will raise that at 79 years old, he is still able to make terminals on a

— Theo Laubry (@TheoLaubry) June 18, 2022

The White House spoke about the fall of Joe Biden

A White House official also spoke later in the day to discuss the incident. “As the president said, his foot got stuck in the pedal as he got off the bike, and he’s fine.” He then assured that no medical help was needed. “The president looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.”

Joe Biden © Backgrid USA


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