Joe Biden: this heartbreaking request from a man who saved his life

After deciding to withdraw its military troops from Afghanistan, the United States now faces, like the rest of the world, the very complicated situation in the country, where the Taliban have regained power. As the last American soldier left Afghanistan on August 30, many civilians are trying to do the same, but airports are being stormed. Images of hundreds of people crowding around the planes at Kabul airport have toured the world and are indicative of the fear the Taliban inspires for many Afghans.

Mohammed, a 50-year-old Afghan, wrote to the Wall Street Journal to personally ask Joe Biden to help his family leave the country. Mohammed knows Joe Biden well, since in 2008 he almost saved his life. The US president, who was still only a senator from Delaware at the time, was traveling to Afghanistan by helicopter with two other US lawmakers when their transport was forced to land in a valley due to a snowstorm. Stuck in an area where al-Qaida is present in force, Joe Biden was rescued by Mohammed, a translator, who drove for hours through the snow to find the helicopter.

“Save us, my family and me. Don’t forget me there”

Like many Afghans who helped the Americans, Mohammed now fears retaliation from the Taliban. He had the opportunity to leave the country but his family was not allowed to do so and so he made the choice to stay with them. He decided to ask Joe Biden directly for help: “Save us, my family and I. Don’t forget me there.” Jean Psaki, press secretary at the White House, replied Tuesday August 31 that the United States will not forget Mohammed: “First, we want to thank him for having fought on our side for the last twenty years. Thank you for the part you played in rescuing many of my favorite people from this snowstorm and thank you for all your hard work. We are going to get you out of this. We are going to honor what you have done for us. ” The US government has not given more details on when Mohammed and his family were to be evacuated, it is now to be hoped that this story will end well for him.

Afghanistan © Zuma Press

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