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Joe Biden president: presenter bursts into tears live after announcement of victory

After several days of waiting, the results finally came. It’s official, Joe Biden won the US elections against Donald Trump on November 7. A long-awaited news which did not fail to make Van Jones cry. While hosting his podcast on CNN, the former adviser to Barack Obama explained in a several-minute monologue what Joe Biden’s victory means to him, the country and the minorities. Unable to hold back tears, he begins by mentioning his children: “It’s easier to be a father today. I just want my sons to see this, that it’s easy to do things wrong and get out of it, but it always backfires either “.

He then spoke directly to American minorities and opponents of Donald Trump, who had to overcome many hardships during his presidential election. “If you are a Muslim, you won’t have to worry that your President does not want you. If you are an immigrant, your baby will be snatched from you.” The announcer did not forget to mention the people. and families who “really suffered” by referring to George Floyd who died last May following an arrest by several police officers and whose affair had moved but also revolted the whole world. “I can’t breathe. It wasn’t just George Floyd. A lot of people couldn’t breathe,” he said. A reaction that touched many Internet users who did not hesitate to support him and to declare that this sequence had also made them cry.

Very moving @ VanJones68 on @CNN as he learns of the formalization of @JoeBiden’s victory pic.twitter.com/NZrSXMllv4

– Eric Maillard (@PRland) November 7, 2020

A new start

As a reminder, Joe Biden was elected with 290 voters against 214 for Donald Trump. A victory that the new president hailed on Twitter. “Americans, I am honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead will be difficult, but I promise you this: I will be the president of all Americans, whether you vote for me or not.”

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