Joe and Jill Biden: their confidences on their marriage upset since their arrival at the White House

Daily difficulties. Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States last November and succeeded Donald Trump. Following his inauguration on January 20, he moved into the White House with his wife Jill Biden. A new life has begun for the couple, who must now make many sacrifices. In the columns of Vogue this Tuesday, June 29, the First Lady and her husband have made some confidences. “We are both very busy. I think we should try to take time for each other”, she first admitted before clarifying: “Even the little things are essential. Sometimes we eat on the balcony and sometimes in one of the upstairs rooms. While spending time just the two of us has gotten a little more complicated, Jill Biden says it’s “just part of the day we don’t spend together. We always light the candles, we always talk and we leave. phones aside at night, ”she concludes.

For his part, Joe Biden says that his wife “I miss a lot. But I’m really proud of her”, he said in the columns of Vogue before adding: “Also, it’s not like we we could just leave as before ”. He then recalls the time they both lived in Delaware: “Once a month we both went to a local bed and breakfast, so we could have a romantic time, get away from it all and hang out. together”. Even if he finds a way to give Jill Biden time, the President of the United States then specifies that their obligations come first. “I have events for myself and the country. And sometimes I work on a very important speech and I get distracted. Or I don’t work and I want to spend time with her and, this time, it is she who is preparing an important speech, “he says. A married life has become more and more difficult but both can count on the support of the other.

Joe Biden: Why is he proud of his wife, Jill Biden?

If Joe Biden is the President of the United States, it is especially of his wife that he is very proud. In the columns of the media, he did not hesitate to mention the first time he saw Jill Biden on stage, while she was giving a speech in front of a large number of people. “It’s my wife! I was so proud”, he recalls before adding: “She did it and she was even better the following times”. As soon as he arrived at the White House, he had already praised the one who shares his life. “I am delighted that she has decided to continue her profession (Editor’s note: she is a university professor), it is very important for her. I want her to have her independence and I support her, just like her”, he had indicated. If their daily life has been a little turned upside down, there is no doubt that the Biden spouses give each other moments as soon as they can.

Jill and Joe Biden © Zuma Press

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