Jodie Foster: her surprising confidences on the greatest regret of her life

It was time for confidence for Jodie Foster. In the columns of your magazine Closer to be found on newsstands Friday, May 7, 2021, the actress and director has indeed confided in her career. “I found myself in the spotlight from my childhood. It was a bit difficult to deal with,” she first revealed. Then, the 58-year-old woman added: “Then there was this desire not to be cataloged in a register, to have a much wider maneuvering step.” If she is considered one of the smartest actresses in Hollywood, Jodie Foster has done everything to manage her professional career as well as her family life. “I constantly have this feeling that I am not doing enough,” she said, addressing her private life.

Note that during her interview with Closer, Jodie Foster also made surprising confidences on the greatest regret of her life. But then what is it? Well again, it concerns his private life. “My biggest regret is not having known the life of someone who is not famous. I am extremely grateful to have been successful. I am extremely grateful to have had the experience of this profession. But I sincerely regret not having expressed anonymity. My relations with people would have been really different and above all much more authentic “she explained.

Jodie Foster: a free woman!

On the private side, Jodie Foster has also confided to feel much freer since the announcement of his coming out. “I finally feel free! I don’t really care what people think and I don’t seek anyone’s approval anymore.” she concluded.

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