Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: his wife Noura confides in her very difficult second pregnancy

At the end of March, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and his wife Noura El Shwekh announced happy news: the expansion of their family. The couple who united in 2018 are preparing to give a little brother or sister to their first child, a four-year-old boy named Shugar. But with the approach of childbirth, the young mother decided to confide in this pregnancy which, in reality, makes her suffer a lot. She felt the need to share “a little bit” of her story because, she said, “it feels good to share”.

Noura El Shwekh is revealed in a long text published on her Instagram account on the occasion of her entry into her 36th week of pregnancy. “This is the number of weeks that Shugar spent in the pit of my stomach. Whether it was my first or my second pregnancy, I spent (still spend) many hours in bed … Constant contractions, contractions that put me in the ‘box’ of threats of premature labor, ”she wrote. To avoid premature birth, Noura must remain bedridden for much of the day.

Noura El Shwekh: “I stressed, I cried”

It is without filter that the wife of the tennis player shared his emotions. She admitted that she often “stressed”, “cried” and was “scared”. “I had to accept that being pregnant is a big challenge for my body, and to ‘mourn’ the dream pregnancy that sometimes seems so easy for other women,” she added. However, Noura El Shwekh was optimistic in describing life as “wonderful”. “I measure how lucky I am to be able to give life and I love it deeply,” she concluded. Noura El Shwekh did not disclose the date of her delivery.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and his wife Noura El Shwekh © Instagram

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