Jo O’Meara suffered from unbearable pain that even morphine seemed unable to alleviate. After several horrific back surgeries to remove a dorsal disc, S Club 7 star Jo O’Meara admits to being in a lot of pain. The pain and her condition were such that she thought she would never be able to walk again, much less dance. The 43-year-old pop star mentions suffering from unbearable pain and taking different painkillers. Unfortunately, even morphine could not overcome his pain.

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Fortunately, the Don’t Stop Movin’ star got back on her feet and looked good, as reported by The Mirror on January 11, 2023. Indeed, on January 10, Jo O’Meara was spotted in walking with his beloved dog, can we read in the columns of the British media. The forties was not alone with her dog. Jo O’Meara had a friend by her side who she was chatting with. The S Club 7 star was bundled up in a white hooded puffer coat. For the perfect winter look, Jo O’Meara swept her blonde hair back and arranged it in an exquisite bun.

Jo O’Meara: the star ends up with permanent damage to the right leg

The Mirror recalls that Jo O’Meara was discharged from hospital just days after her band S Club 7’s reformation was announced. News of the band’s reformation also comes in November, after the singer announced that he had felt excruciating pain. “I was sobbing and shaking. They came running but I couldn’t move. Every time I tried to get out of bed I was screaming and sobbing in pain,” Jo O’Meara had told The Sun. The singer of Reach had confessed to having always suffered from back pain. After his operations, the 43-year-old star will have permanent damage to his right leg.

Jo O'Meara: the former star of S Club 7 totally unrecognizable after several heavy operations

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