Ace Ventura, The Mask, The Truman Show, The Grinch, Almighty Bruce… At 60, Jim Carrey has starred in many successful films. If the actor has many fans, he plans to end his career in Hollywood. In an interview with Access Hollywood, it was while promoting the movie Sonic 2 that he revealed: “I’m retiring. I’m pretty serious. If a gold-stitched script lands in my hands and I judge that it’s very important for people to see this, maybe I’ll continue, but for now I’m giving myself a break.” Highlighting how much he enjoyed life away from the spotlight, including making art and spending time with his family, Jim Carrey added: “I like to lead a quiet life, I like to paint, I love spirituality, and maybe you’ll never hear that from another celebrity, but I’ve had enough. I’ve done enough. Enough.”

While Dolly Parton would like him to play in his next biopic, Jim Carrey dropped: “I will continue to be in the world, no matter what. We have more effect on the world than we think. We don’t have to be multi-hyphens to affect the world.” On Twitter, these remarks caused a huge reaction. We can indeed read: “Oh no! Don’t retire. I will miss you. You are the best!” ; “The actors of our childhood are leaving one after the other. but also: “His career has not been looking good for years, but that does not prevent me from loving this actor and it will make me feel weird to tell myself that it is over.”

#JimCarrey is dishing on #SonicMovie2 and opening up about his plans to retire: “I might continue down the road, but I’m taking a break … I have enough. I’ve done enough.”

— Access Hollywood (@accesshollywood) April 1, 2022

Jim Carrey: “I just didn’t want to be in the business anymore”

In 2018, the actor had already mentioned the fact of retiring. In the columns of the Hollywood Reporter, he had indeed indicated that he wanted to move away from the spotlight in order to have more time to indulge in one of his passions: painting. At the time, Jim Carrey explained, “I just didn’t want to be in the business anymore. I didn’t like what was going on, the companies taking over and all that. And maybe that’s to be because I felt drawn to a different type of creative outlet and I really liked the control of painting – not having a committee of the way to tell me what the idea of ​​bringing in a four quadrant should be whatever.”

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