While in the United States, the management made by Joe Biden of American troops present in Afghanistan is debated, the detractors of the Democratic president are more vehement than ever. Last weekend, on the American conservative channel Fox News, the host Rachel Campos-Duffy violently criticized the crisis management operated by the president. She took the opportunity to attack First Lady Jill Biden, deeming her “responsible for putting someone incompetent and mentally fragile” at the head of the United States.

“When I look at what hurts America, this lack of leadership, I wonder who could possibly be responsible for putting someone so incompetent and mentally fragile in such a position. “wife of politics, I can’t help but blame Jill Biden,” said Fox & Friends host, married to Wisconsin Republican Representative Sean Duffy. “No one knew her mental state better than Jill,” she continued. “And if you ask me, the most patriotic thing Jill Biden could have done is talk to her husband – and love her husband – and not let it show up in her mental state. I think she, too, has let the country down. “

The Biden clan replies

Scandalized by the remarks made by the Republican, the team of the American First Lady immediately replied. “It’s sickening. Rachel Campos-Duffy and Fox News know it. They can do better, and their audience deserves better. I hope they will apologize to the First Lady and leave this kind of nonsense in the trash. “, rebelled Michael LaRose, press secretary for Jill Biden, on Twitter.

Unfortunately for the Biden clan, many Americans share Rachel Campos-Duffy’s point of view. According to a poll released last week, 52% of Americans do not believe Biden capable of being President, and 41% of them are “certain” that the Democrat is not up to the task. 78-year-old Joe Biden is the oldest president of the United States in history. His physical and mental health has been the subject of debate since the 2020 presidential campaign, and is of growing concern in these times of crisis linked to the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Joe and Jill Biden © Action Press

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