JFK: who is “Gunilla”, this mistress who made him regret his marriage to Jackie Kennedy?

He almost left everything for his beautiful eyes … Decades after the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, buyers will be able to afford little treasures: love letters written by the former US president to his Swedish mistress. Listed for $ 30,000 at auctions held in Boston, they reveal an unknown side of JFK. “These letters are the only ones we have to share that show signs of Kennedy’s affection for another woman when he was married,” the auction house explained. The eight letters, written between 1955 and 1956, predate John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s presidency. At the time, he was a senator in Massachusetts and the notes were written on Senate letterhead. In 1953, a few weeks before marrying Jacqueline Bouvier, he fell madly in love with Gunilla von Post, an aristocrat.

It was in Cannes that the two first met before meeting again in 1955, two years after JFK’s marriage, for “a very happy and intimate week to consummate their relationship”. At the time, JFK was desperate to leave Jackie Kennedy and live out his love for Gunilla. But according to the auction house, her efforts were “thwarted by her father, her political ambitions and the mutual sensitivity of Kennedy and von Post to the miscarriage suffered by Jacqueline in 1955”. The following year, Gunilla married Anders Ekman, a wealthy landowner. Disappointing news for JFK. “I have to say I was sad to learn that after all you don’t come to the United States and you marry a farmer,” he regretted then, in one of the letters put up for auction. intend to come back next summer to see you “.

JFK: “If I had met you a week earlier, I would have canceled everything”

“If you don’t get married, come (to America) because I would love to see you. I had a wonderful time with you last summer,” he continued. wonderful and I miss you. ” JFK and his mistress only saw each other once by chance, in 1958, at a Waldorf Astoria gala. At the time, the two reunited with their partners and the president’s ex-sweetheart was expecting her first child. Two years later, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected head of the United States before being assassinated in Dallas in 1963. After her husband died in a plane crash, her former mistress s ‘is remarried. Gunilla von Post died in 2011 and wrote a memoir about her relationship with the former president titled “Love, Jack”. In her book, she also said that JFK had thought of marrying her before marrying Jacqueline Bouvier: “If I had met you a week earlier, I would have canceled everything”.

John-Fitzgerald Kennedy © Zuma Press

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