Jessie J has finally become a mom! On Friday May 19, 2023, the singer took to her Instagram account to announce the arrival of her first baby. “A week ago, my whole life changed,” she said in an Instagram story. Afterwards, she announced, “My son has entered this world and my heart has doubled in size. This feeling is indescribable. I am soaring with love. He is magical. He embodies all my dreams come true. He is my whole world. He and I are doing great. I’m savoring every second and still can’t believe he’s real, right here, mine. To everyone who’s followed my journey this far, thank you for your love and your support”.

Note that by announcing the arrival of her baby, Jessie J revealed her sex but not her first name. His fans are also waiting for an endearing shot because for the time being, the interpreter of “Price tag” has not revealed his face. A new life together that she hoped so much at 35 years old. Announcing the arrival of her baby, Jessie J also announced her withdrawal from social media. “I’ll be back on Instagram when I’m ready,” added the young mother.

Jessie J mom: she had a baby on her own

As a reminder, it was on January 6 that Jessie J announced her pregnancy. “I am very happy but also terrified to share this with you…” she had declared. In November 2021, she had also confided that she had “decided to have a baby on her own”. The one who has experienced a miscarriage therefore lives a miracle. “Being pregnant was a miracle in itself and an experience I will never forget and know I will experience again. I am still in shock.” she shared. An overwhelming sadness for Jessie J who “always wanted” to be a mother. The happy news thus sweeps away “the grief of losing a baby and this difficulty in having one” of which she has long borne the scars.

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Jessie J mom: the singer, happy, announces the arrival of her first baby

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