Jessie Cave mom: her three-month-old baby hospitalized because of the coronavirus

Jessie Cave is at its worst. As reported by the Daily Mail, the actress revealed by the Harry Potter saga had to go to the hospital for her son Abraham to be taken care of. Barely three months old, the newborn has indeed tested positive for the coronavirus. “My poor baby has tested positive. He’s fine, luckily, but we’re going to have to be very careful. This strain is very potent and contagious so I hope people take their precautions a lot in the coming weeks.” Jessie Cave said in an Instagram post.

For the 33-year-old mother, it’s a big blow. “That’s not how I wanted my family to start January. I didn’t want to go back to a medical facility at all, so soon after this traumatic birth. Once again, I am surrounded by doctors and nurses (…) Please pray that my baby will get out quickly. He weighs 4.28kg. He’s a stronger and heavier boy than the last time he ended up in a hospital room. ” added comedian Alfie Brown’s companion.

Jessie Cave mom: a “terrifying” childbirth

Note that due to the positivity of her son Abraham to the new strain of the coronavirus, Jessie Cave had to move away from her two other children: Donnie, 5 years old and Margot, 3 years old. “I learned that we should stay at home from an isolated hospital room,” she added. As a reminder, Jessie Cave gave birth to her third child on October 21, 2020 and the conditions were just as painful. “Our baby boy was born very early yesterday morning just 40 minutes after I lost water. A little extreme, but his kicks were also during pregnancy. The experience was very different from both of my two. first childbirth … it was a lesson in humility, terrifying and uncontrollable. ” she had confided.

Jessie Cave with her son © Instagram

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