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Jessie Cave, Harry Potter star, mom: she talks about her “extreme” childbirth

Jessie Cave held her son for the first time with special tenderness. This Thursday, October 22, it is on her Instagram account that the mother announced the birth of her third child. But to give birth to her baby, the interpreter of Lavender Brown in Harry Potter went through a particularly complicated delivery. Her son, Abraham “Bam” Benjamin arrived “in the wee hours” on Wednesday, October 21, “just 40 minutes after” she lost water. “Slightly extreme but her kicks have been so throughout my pregnancy,” Jessie Cave joked. Already mother of two children, Donni and Margot, the actress then confided with an open heart on this “very different experience” from her “first two childbirth”. Abraham’s birth was “more humiliating, terrifying and out of control” than that of his older brother and older sister.

“We are currently in the neonatal unit but he is a strong boy and it is the safest place for him at the moment,” continued Jessie Cave before paying tribute to the caregivers who came down. taking care of her and her baby: “The midwives (Magda and Daisy) and the doctors and neonatal nurses were wonderful (the first one to greet us in the room was named Rosaria and she was extremely heartwarming). Thank you for all the good cosmic wishes “. The young mother then wanted to address her companion, comedian Alfie Brown, who was “so wonderful” and who “took this photo within seconds of his birth and moments before he was released. of our arms “. Happy with the birth of her son, the actress claims to have lived “one of the most difficult moments of [s] a life”. “I hope he will be with us soon and it will be even more perfect,” concluded Jessie Cave. “And GREAT LOVE AND RESPECT for all the mothers who have been through neonatal unit before us, with us.”

Jessie Cave: “My sexual journey has been totally abnormal”

Last August, a few weeks before welcoming her third child, Jessie Cave revealed that she had been raped during her teenage years during a podcast that she recorded with her sister, Bebe. When she was 14, the one who played Ron Weasley’s girlfriend in Harry Potter was abused by her tennis teacher, a man she “trusted” and was “in a position of power.” “I was in good shape and I was not bad with a tennis ball but they took advantage of me and he was sent to prison so it’s okay, continued the young mother. Because of my rape I had a teenage years. totally different from yours, same for my early twenties, because I was still healing and my sexual journey was totally abnormal compared to yours. I realize it 18 years later and the more time goes by and the more fortunate I feel that I suffered a rape that didn’t destroy me and I think that’s something people don’t talk about enough about sexual abuse and trauma. “

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