Jessie Cave: Harry Potter star finally leaves hospital after “terrifying” pregnancy

She has finally found her home and her family! Ex-star of the Harry Potter saga, where she played Lavender Brown, Jessie Cave has officially left the hospital, five days after giving birth to her third child with comedian Alfie Brown. Happy, it is on Instagram that the young mother shared a photo of the infant, Abraham Benjamin. The opportunity to thank once again the midwife who had helped him during her childbirth. Indeed, last week, the 33-year-old actress revealed that her son was in the neonatal unit of the hospital, but that he was “a strong boy.”

While the little boy was finally able to meet his big brother, Donnie (6 years old) and his big sister, Margot (4 years old), it was on Instagram that Jessie Cave let her joy burst out: “Back in the hospital today for our official release. And BREATHE! We obviously did not have time to do the step ‘install everything before the baby arrives’ but we managed and Abraham is happy. ” Finally, the pretty brunette thanked the one who had helped her enormously during this difficult period: “I’m sure they do not follow me here, but I just wanted to name the midwife who helped me a lot and who was so nice and who came specifically to the outpatient unit today to check that we could make it home. Her name is Lucy … “Not forgetting anyone, the young woman shared:” Thank you to all the midwives and doctors at Queen Charlottes Hospital for being so wonderful, but above all thank you to the neonatal service. I feel changed forever. “

An “extreme” childbirth

When she announced the birth of her third child, Jessie Cave had already shared everything with her fans on social networks. She then explained: “Abraham ‘Bam’ Benjamin, our little boy, was born yesterday morning at dawn, barely 40 minutes after I lost the water. Slightly extreme, but his kicks throughout the pregnancy too It was a very different experience from my first two deliveries … Much more humiliating, terrifying and beyond my control. “


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