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Jessie Cave gives news after her baby is hospitalized

The last few days have been difficult for the actress … Mum of three, Jessie Cave, known for playing Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter saga, left the hospital after her youngest, Abraham, born on October 21 last, was diagnosed positive for Covid-19. While the 33-year-old actress’s son is doing better, it was on Lorraine’s show that she gave her news. She said, “We’re doing fine, we’re doing a lot better. It’s the most contagious thing. I was completely asymptomatic, so it’s weird. He was perfectly fine, almost two weeks later he was. suddenly had. With newborns, you have to be hyper aware of every symptom. “

Soon Jessie Cave became concerned about the behavior change in her son, Abraham, and took him to the hospital. She went on to say: “Within a day he wasn’t feeding as much, his cry was different, it was like a different baby (…) Everyone should be aware of these rapid changes. , because it could have been very different if I hadn’t noticed. ” If the little boy is doing better, the star knows things could have gone wrong. “Nothing went as planned, which everyone can relate to this year, but it was scary. He was in the neonatal unit after a quick labor. He’s 11 weeks old now, and I just couldn’t believe it when we found out. It was such a strange time for everyone, but very scary, “she explained. Finally, she added: “At this stage of the newborn, their immune system is so weak, and therefore anything can have very bad consequences. That is why they treated it so seriously. Even my breastfeeding has been. affected (…) Our lives have changed completely. Only two nights can affect your life. “

“He is much better now”

As the little boy returned to the family cocoon, Jessie Cave said: “He’s fine, he’s much better now. It’s weird how Covid-19 didn’t affect me, but completely affected him. It really is a lottery. ” Confined with her son, the star added that the latter’s diagnosis had made her aware of the dangerousness of the health crisis. She added: “I think we all relaxed in some way because we are used to confinement. It’s a new chapter for me. I have so much respect for how dangerous it is. , not that I didn’t do it before, but when it happens to you it gets so real and scary. People have told me that they don’t think babies can have it, that it could absolutely affect n ‘ anyone.”

Jessie Cave and her son Abraham © Instagram

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