Jessica Mulroney: what Meghan Markle’s ex-BFF is up to

After the controversy comes the time for major projects. Last June, Jessica Mulroney was under fire for her lack of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, according to influencer Sasha Exeter. Today, the Canadian designer, known for her friendship with the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, is mobilizing for a good cause. Jessica Mulroney has decided to launch a project to support women entrepreneurs. Entitled Resurrecting The Female Empowerment Project, her project aims to “help women start small businesses in Canada with support in tech, finance, marketing and manufacturing spaces.”

“Small businesses need help more than ever. This time is a challenge, but with the right mentors, we hope to give you the right advice to get you back on the right track,” says Jessica Mulroney, 40, in the very first Instagram post of his new page. She pleads the sense of mutual aid and the spirit of community. The 40-year-old has surrounded herself with Michele Romanow, an entrepreneur who participates in the show Dans l’oeil du dragon, broadcast on CBC Gem.

Confessions heavy with meaning

Jessica Mulroney will not be able to count on Meghan Markle’s shoulder for this project. The Duchess of Sussex has reportedly decided to cut ties with the stylist. The mother-of-three had defended herself on Instagram after the controversy over Black Lives Matter, saying: “She rightly criticized me for not doing enough to engage in the important and difficult conversation about race and injustice in our society. I took it personally. I know I have to do better. “

“Mortified” by the words of her friend, Meghan Markle would then have decided to put some distance between them. Herself a victim of racism when she joined the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex is now very involved in the fight against racial discrimination. Will this project in support of women rekindle the flame of their friendship?

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