Absent from Grey’s Anatomy for a year, Jesse Williams has not been idle since he left behind the role of the handsome Dr. Jackson Avery. Indeed, the actor has worked on an ambitious project that is currently playing in New York. The actor holds one of the principal roles in Take Me Out, a part presented on the stage of the room of the Second Stage Theater on Broadway. Here, we follow the journey of a baseball player coming out and then having to face homophobia and racism in this environment.

During the show, Jesse Williams dares the frontal nude on the boards. However, while this is prohibited, video extracts of these moments of play have been filmed by an ill-intentioned spectator and have already leaked on Twitter, obviously without the knowledge of the main party concerned! Immediately, the sequences made the rounds of the canvas and if some are full of praise for the entire advantageous physique of the young man, others rebel against whoever dared to record this performance.

Jesse Williams filmed completely naked on stage without his knowledge

The management of the Second Stage Theater has stepped up to preserve Jesse Williams’ secret garden as much as possible. In a strong statement, it was written: “Filming someone naked without their consent is vulgar and unacceptable (…) The theater has worked hard to preserve the privacy of the actors of the play, to create a space without telephones Today we learn that this rule was violated and an unauthorized video of one of the comedians was released It is truly unfortunate that a viewer decided to disrespect the production, the other people in the audience that night and especially one of the comedians in that way.” Searches by the authorities have already been launched to find the culprit (s).

Jesse Williams filmed naked without his knowledge © Backgrid USA

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Lara T.

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