Jeremy Renner did not hesitate for a second to save one of his relatives. On January 1, the actor was hospitalized “in critical but stable condition” after being the victim of a snowplow accident at his home after a storm that hit the United States. While clearing the driveway of his property near Lake Tahoe in Nevada, Jeremy Renner was hit by his snowplow. One of his neighbors, a doctor, was able to save him by putting a tourniquet on his leg until help arrived, and evacuated Jeremy Renner by helicopter. According to information from CNN, it was while trying to save his nephew that the Avengers actor was seriously injured. “The snow plow began to slide on the road, causing Renner to exit the vehicle without applying the emergency brake,” investigators wrote in a report released by the television network.

“Once outside, he realized that the machine was heading straight towards his nephew. Fearing that it would hit him, he decided to stop or deflect the snowplow, revealed the police officers in charge of Although the snowplow had mechanical problems, the inspection that was carried out seems to show that if the handbrake had been applied, the machine would not have continued to move. to stop, he was taken under the vehicle and rolled over.” Jeremy Renner was “completely crushed” by the vehicle, had “extreme difficulty breathing” as “the right side of his chest was sunken”: “He lay down on the ground and concentrated on his breathing while his nephew and others assisted him until medical personnel arrived on the scene.”

Jeremy Renner: “Everything has changed…”

In hospital, Jeremy Renner underwent at least two surgeries and was treated in the intensive care unit for several days before being able to return home. On January 21, the 52-year-old actor posted a new message on Instagram to give his news and reassure his fans. He thus revealed a photo of him in full rehabilitation. “Morning workouts, resolutions, everything changed on this very special January 1st […] I want to thank EVERYONE for the messages and the attentions for my family and me… Lots of love and gratitude for all of you, said Jeremy Renner. “These 30+ broken bones will come together, grow stronger, just as the love and bond with my family and friends grows deeper. Love and blessings to you all.” Jeremy Renner therefore continues his rehabilitation after being miraculously restored.

Jeremy Renner miraculously: the actor put his life in danger to save that of a loved one

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