Jennifer Lopez without makeup: she shares a striking before-after

As part of the launch of her beauty line JLOBeauty, the 51-year-old singer did not hesitate to completely remove her makeup in a video published on January 3 on her Instagram account. As in a beauty tutorial, Jennifer Lopez showed off her routine in a seven minute video. She starts off by saying “As you can see, I still have my stage makeup” and insists that she is wearing a large layer of it and therefore there is “a lot of material to remove”. To begin with, she explains that she likes “starting with water” and then applying the cleanser. Over the course of the video, the large amount of makeup leaves room for the singer’s fresh face, which also seems rejuvenated. The goal of this tutorial was therefore to prove to his fans that his products are effective and work even when wearing a lot of makeup. In the caption, Jennifer Lopez reveals that she has decided to have a “fresh face for 2021” and also used the hashtag # WashAway2020, indicating that she wishes to leave behind this complicated year. She also reveals that she is thrilled that JLOBeauty is “now available” and admits having gone through “hundreds of product and formulation testing cycles … all to make sure we have created the perfect products for you to get that shine !! ! “. Customer comments show their enthusiasm for this video and their impatience to test this collection.

Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity whose beauty is natural. Last November, she unveiled the cover of her album on which she was completely naked. Very complimented by Internet users, it is a flawless singer that they had seen. Some time later, while she was giving an interview on the Zoom platform for her beauty brand and her words were reported by Page Six, she had thus claimed to have never done “botox to date. I am not that kind of person. I have nothing against people who do that, it’s just not my thing. ” She then explained that she prefers a “natural approach to skin care. I want some hyaluronic acid, I want things that work, because I prefer not to need injections.” She had declared by specifying that she did not affirm that she “would never do” but that for the moment, she had not wished to use it. “I like to look natural,” she concludes.

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The stars who advocate naturalness

Jennifer Lopez is not the only public figure to have wanted to appear naturally. Indeed, being a publicized person does not mean being on his 31st all day and some actresses, models or singers did not hesitate to post photos on which they were removed. We can refer to Amanda Seyfried, who had published some, especially during confinement but also Ashley Graham. The model, considered “plus size” has been advocating body-positive for several years. On December 30, she sent an important message by revealing a photo of her in her underwear. In the caption “stretch marks are pretty”, to remind women that there is no shame in having them. In addition, she does not hesitate to multiply the publications of photos in underwear or swimsuits, on which she proudly displays her curves. Like Jennifer Lopez, she favors the natural and does not hesitate to declare it openly.

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