These two have not finished softening us. Since they gave themselves a second chance in the spring of 2021, the lovebirds no longer hide, and show their love to the whole world. Mutual support, walks hand in hand, knowing glances, languorous kisses… The perfect couple is indeed back, to the delight of their fans.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Ben Affleck has again struck hard with a surprise worthy of the greatest romantic comedies. Jennifer Lopez, happier and more in love than ever, decided to tell her fans about it by revealing this famous gift.

“It seriously melted my heart”

It’s not about a diamond ring, a fancy car, or even designer shoes. But, rest assured, it looks like a gift thought up by Ben Affleck for the woman of his life. Rather than betting on an overpriced material gift, the actor preferred a most romantic surprise: a personalized clip on the sound of JLo’s new title, On my way.

The clip, lasting nearly 4 minutes, was made from multiple images of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez during their relationship from 2002 to 2004 but also during their current relationship since the spring of 2021. The beauty then spoke about her Reaction: “Watching it made me think about the journey of true love, its unexpected twists and turns, and the fact that when it’s real, it can actually go on forever. It seriously melted my heart.” she said.

In addition to this 100% sentimental surprise, holidays are planned in the coming days to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck © Backgrid UK

Lara T.
Lara T.

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