On the red carpet, the quirks of outfits are legion. Suspender that loose, visible underwear, breast that is the trunk … we can no longer count the number of clothing glitches encountered by the stars. Sunday August 29, it is Jennifer Lopez who was confronted with a small accident of style, while going to the parade Dolce & Gabbana, organized in the Venetian city. For the occasion, the singer – naturally dressed by the Italian brand – was dressed in a brassiere encrusted with rhinestones and floral pants, all covered with a long green cape embroidered with floral motifs. By adding the vertiginous heels – also covered with rhinestones – and the tiara that Jennifer Lopez wore, the final look was as chic as it could be … or almost. Indeed, the girlfriend of Ben Affleck had forgotten a slight detail, which did not escape the flashes of photographers: the label with the price of his outfit. Hidden under the cape, the latter was revealed at the first gust of wind, twirling happily on the satin lining of the garment. Surprisingly, despite the tag’s substantial size, no camera has been able to zoom in sufficiently precise to reveal the outfit’s famous price tag. This will therefore remain unclear, just like the reason why no one on Jennifer Lopez’s team noticed the imposing cardboard plaque that hung from the singer’s cape.

Jennifer Lopez accidentally leaves price tag on Dolce & Gabbana cape https://t.co/PfN2HECR4x pic.twitter.com/wCqS40ySXg

– Page Six (@PageSix) August 31, 2021

Jennifer Lopez: her fashion faux pas has already happened to Meghan Markle

Since celebs usually get their outfits loaned out for formal parties, forgetting labels is not that uncommon. The problem had already happened to Meghan Markle in 2018, when she sported a long red dress during a visit to the Tonga Islands. The photographers had immediately spotted the label which escaped the sides of the dress, and which posted the price of 345 £ (approximately 400 €).

Jennifer Lopez © Backgrid UK

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