A remarkable reunion. In June 2002, Jennifer Lopez began a relationship with actor Ben Affleck. Very much in love, they got engaged three months later and collaborated on the clip Jenny From The Block. They were one of the most scrutinized couples of the 2000s before they split in January 2004. After several years away from each other and multiple relationships, the two have decided to give each other another chance. While they are very discreet on social networks, they recently went on vacation and their every move has been scrutinized by Internet users. Thus, they were able to notice that the American singer still wears a bracelet that Ben Affleck gave her 19 years ago. As ELLE magazine reported on August 1, this is a Harry Winston that the actor gave to his sweetheart in 2002, at the start of their romantic relationship. The object seems to have marked Jennifer Lopez, who does not hesitate to proudly show it on the photos posted on her Instagram account.

They spin the perfect love. After several years of separation, Jennifer Lopez seems to have flourished alongside Ben Affleck. The couple, however, remained very discreet on social networks and the singer only published one photo in her company. It was also placed in last position, so as not to attract all the attention. After several pictures of the artist in a swimsuit, his subscribers were able to discover THE long-awaited photo. However, Internet users were not surprised since they suspected a reconciliation between the couple for several weeks. During an interview at the microphone of Zane Lowe, Jennifer Lopez had confided to be “super happy. People always wonder how I am and here it is. There it is. I never felt so good. I would just like to say everything the world it’s the best part of my life “. Words that quickly fueled many rumors. Subsequently, it was a relative of the couple who had given more details: “The last few months have been a real whirlwind. Ben and Jen spend almost every night together when they are not working. We have the impression that ‘ they’ve been together again for years, not months. ” It seems that this reunion was very beneficial for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Why Did They Break Up?

While they were spinning the perfect love, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had ended their relationship after two years. The reason ? The huge flop of the film Amour troubles, directed by Martin Brest in which they had both participated. Indeed, this failure had impacted their respective careers and their romantic relationship had deteriorated little by little. This period had been very complicated for the singer. “It gutted me. I lost my footing, I questioned my belonging to this profession, I wondered if I was not bad in everything. And my relationship with Ben was self-destructing in the eyes of the whole world, ”she told Vanity Fair. Today, the two lovebirds have evolved and they are ready to experience a new love story.

Jennifer Lopez © Zuma Press

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