Jennifer Lopez: the crazy diet of the star to have the body she wants

The years seem to have no effect on her … At 51, Jennifer Lopez has a dream body! If the star spends a lot on stage where she connects frenzied choreography, it is thanks to her diet and her determination not to give in to the temptations that she has the body she wants today. In 2018, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson told her site: “I feed her very healthy things because she needs very good fuel for everything she does. Everything is organic and everything is very well thought out, with a balance of very high quality protein and lots of nutrient dense foods … Everything is fresh! ”

What does Jennifer Lopez eat in a day? In 2016, it was for US Weekly that the star revealed that her breakfast included 90-calorie Chocolate Body Lab Shake, revealing, “I make it with milk or water.” She also admitted that caffeine was strictly prohibited and that she hadn’t drunk coffee in years! Since she has a light breakfast, the singer assures that she “starves” at lunchtime. In January 2019, Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, embarked on a ten-day diet where they eliminated sugar and carbohydrates from their diets. So the couple ate only healthy salads. For dinner, she particularly likes to eat boneless, skinless grilled chicken, accompanied by sautéed Brussels sprouts. Talking about her children’s diet, Jennifer Lopez told Harper’s Bazaar: “We eat a lot of green vegetables: asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale …”

Jennifer Lopez sometimes nibbles between meals

If the star is on a strict diet, she always has a snack with her. For Hello Magazine, she said: “I always take fruit and vegetables with me to have something to snack on between meals. We are all human … I don’t think you should get upset if you make a mistake. or if you eat a crisps. Everyone craves a cookie or a piece of chocolate every now and then! ” In order to keep the figure, Jennifer Lopez makes sure you never get dehydrated: “Drinking lots of water, especially before a workout, can help you push harder and get the most out of your fitness routine. ‘exercise … I make sure to drink plenty of water … ”

Jennifer Lopez © Backgrid USA

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