At 51, Jennifer Lopez has one of the most beautiful bodies in Hollywood. A body of which she is very proud, because she does not hesitate to share her most beautiful pictures on her Instagram account. Plump buttocks, drawn pecs, flat stomach … She has the complete pack! His secret? Balanced meals, sports routine and healthy foods. Indeed, the interpreter of the tube “On The Floor”, begins his day with a breakfast made up of organic products. The star then has lunch with her family and ends her day eating fresh fruits and vegetables with a handful of nuts. “We eat a lot of green vegetables: asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

The mother of twins Emme and Maximilian nevertheless allows herself a few small pleasures during the day: “I always take fruit and vegetables with me to have something to nibble on between meals. We are all human … I don’t think so. that you should get upset if you make a mistake or eat a crisps, she added in the same interview.

Jennifer Lopez: sport is her greatest asset

In addition to good tips and healthy diets, Jennifer Lopez is a real fan of well-being and sport tips. The star has even hired two sports coaches who offer him two different ways to practice. One opts for freestyle while the other is a fan of boards, abs, push-ups and boxing. In addition, Alex Rodriguez’s fiancée has no addiction: she does not smoke, does not drink and avoids caffeine as much as possible. Little more, to maintain perfect skin, young and flawless, J-Lo reveals another of his tips: “I am rarely in the sun and if I have to expose myself, I always make sure to apply sunscreen beforehand. “, she explained to Us Weekly magazine in 2018.

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