Many stars are as famous for their talent as they are for their quirks. Among them, we can notably cite Mariah Carey who only wanted to take baths with mineral water or who had hired an assistant whose task was only to take care of her old chewing gum. Same goes for singer Katy Perry, who has a list of her requirements that she usually hands out to concert organizers. For example, the artist wants the driver who accompanies him on his travels never to meet his gaze and not speak to him. But another celebrity would also be part of this clan of capricious artists: Jennifer Lopez.

In the podcast The 90s with Dannii Minogue, the Australian artist and sister of Kylie Minogue indeed told an anecdote about the bomba Latina. The facts would have happened at the end of the 1990s, when J-Lo’s career took off thanks to his hits If You Had My Love and Waiting For Tonight. The singer was invited on the set of a prestigious British show, just like Dannii Minogue. “I was on ‘Top of the Pops’ and I was told Jennifer Lopez was coming but she wouldn’t go on stage unless her dressing room was redecorated. I was told everything had to be white, even the couch. I was asked to go see the play and she wasn’t there at the time… I watched every detail carefully,” the singer reported. A requirement that was not the last for the companion of Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez, a regular at star whims

Indeed, to keep a radiant complexion, Jennifer Lopez would ask that all the bulbs of the places where she goes are changed by low consumption bulbs. Regarding drinks, the diva would like her coffee to be ground counterclockwise. Finally, in 2017, when she came to attend an evening organized for the benefit of the Robin Hood Foundation, the singer had used her privileged status to powder her nose in peace. A little too much even because it was no less than “four members of security who had come to block access to the women’s toilets. chic Deeda Blair”, had told a witness of the scene to the New York Post.

Jennifer Lopez © AGENCY


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