Jennifer Lopez is happy again because she found the reassuring arms of her ex, Ben Affleck. In the early 2000s, the couple was the dream of millions of fans around the world and even got engaged. Alas, the timing must not have been good for them at that time because the actor and the singer had ended up separating … to better patch things up 20 years later! Indeed, the lovebirds have fallen back into each other’s arms as on the first day and have recently gotten engaged for a second time. For good this time, we hope!

Jennifer Lopez unveiled to the public the magnificent engagement ring that Ben Affleck gave her. It is a sublime natural green diamond of 8.5 carats, estimated by an expert at 5 to 10 million dollars! In the past, the interpreter of the tube of Jenny From The Block has already put the ring on his finger and has been used to sublime precious stones. In 1997, for example, she became engaged to Ojani Noa who offered her a ring for 100,000 dollars. Subsequently, four years later, it was Cris Judd who asked him to become his wife by giving him a ring worth several hundred thousand dollars!

Jennifer Lopez has been used to pretty diamonds on her fingers

Next on the list was Ben Affleck who gave her during their first engagement a beautiful 6.1 carat pink diamond, costing 2.2 million euros at the time. Following their breakup, Jennifer Lopez found love again with Marc Antony, the father of her twins. The artist had given his beauty a ring with a blue diamond, 8.5 carats estimated at 4 million dollars. After several years of living together ended in divorce, the so-called bomba Latina tried her luck with Alex Rodriguez who had offered her an emerald of 10 to 15 carats, worth between 1 and 5 million dollars. For JLo, we don’t count!

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