Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez not really separated? The couple would work on their issues

Rectification. After being announced as separated, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez clarified that they were not officially single since, according to TMZ and People on Saturday March 13, their romance is only in bad shape. They do everything to save their marriage and work on their problems. “I’m not single,” the athlete told TMZ. “They never officially broke up and talked about it but are still together,” a close friend of the lovebirds confirmed for People.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had issued a press release to provide an update on their situation, claiming “to work on certain things”. The distance which separates them would have caused many worries. “She works in the Dominican Republic and he’s in Miami so it’s hard to see each other, especially with the quarantine and COVID.” Their marriage had also been postponed for the same reason. The problems would have started long before the singer left for the Dominican Republic. “The shooting made things worse because they couldn’t see each other much in person. But they love each other and want to continue working together.” Jennifer Lopez is currently filming the movie Shotgun Wedding.

The confinement weakened them

The first echoes indicated a gradual rupture. “It’s been a long time coming. They’re linked in their business world, so it’s not an outright breakup. It took them a while to even think about unraveling it,” a friend of the player said. baseball and star at People. Like these other couples who were shattered during this health crisis, the relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez was affected by the confinement. “They started having problems during the lockdown. They went to therapy together. They really worked on their relationship.”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez © Backgrid USA

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