Jennifer Lopez: all smiles, she spends time with Ben Affleck in Miami

A second chance for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck looming? Their last outing may well imply that. According to information from the American magazine People, the singer and the actor were again seen together in Miami, Florida, this Sunday, May 23. In a photo unveiled by our colleagues from across the Atlantic, the first can be seen smiling, while the actor is standing behind her. This new rapprochement, the main concerned having formed a legendary couple in the early 2000s (remember that they were also engaged), comes shortly after a recent trip by the popstar to Los Angeles. She therefore resumed contact with her ex-boyfriend.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not let go of a sole since: they left together in Montana, the time of a few days. “They have stayed in touch every day since their trip to Montana,” a source close to the two stars told People magazine. “Jennifer is fine. She seems very happy and excited about her future.” This newfound complicity began when Ben Affleck wanted to hear from the mother. “He was single and thought she could be too.” Indeed, the interested parties are hearts to be taken after having separated from their respective spouses.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are freshly single

Before Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez put an end to their relationship, after deciding to put their love on hiatus in the hope of saving their relationship, Ben Affleck separated from Ana de Armas … on the phone. They parted ways after a year of romance. “There is still a lot of love between them. The breakup is as friendly as it gets,” a relative told Page Six of the New York Post in January 2021. “They are at different times in their lives, he there is a deep love and respect there. “

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