Very good news for Jennifer Lawrence. According to People’s information, the Oscar-winning actress is pregnant. The tabloid obtained this information from the representative of the actress. She is expecting her first child with her husband, the director of the Cooke Maroney art gallery. After getting engaged in 2018, the couple decided to be married for life the following year. Today, the lovers have decided to take a new step in their relationship by expanding their family. For now, it is not known since when she has been pregnant and when the baby is expected. The 31-year-old actress also did not reveal a photo of her baby bump. One thing is certain, the lovebirds must swim in happiness at the idea of ​​becoming parents.

For Jennifer Lawrence, Cooke Maroney is the perfect man. Speaking on Catt Sadler’s podcast Naked with Catt Sadler, she said her husband was “the greatest human being I have ever met.” She had also explained why she had agreed to marry him. “I don’t know, I started with the basics: ‘How do I feel? Is he nice? Is he nice?'”, She explained before realizing very quickly that it was he who was going to make her happy for the rest of her life. “She’s the best person I’ve ever met, so I feel very honored to become a Maroney,” she added.

How old is Jennifer Lawrence?

The announcement of the pregnancy of Jennifer Lawrence came the day after the unveiling of the cast of the Netlflix film Don’t Look Up, in which she will give the answer to Leonardo DiCaprio or Timothée Chalamet. A comedy with well-known actors who will be available to discover from December 24, 2021. Enough to have a good Christmas Eve.

Jennifer Lawrence © Backgrid UK

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