The American media People is sure: Jennifer Lawrence gave birth to her first baby. Last September, our colleagues revealed that the actress and her husband Cooke Maroney were expecting their first child. Engaged in 2019 and then married in October 2020, the two lovebirds would finally have become parents. Earlier this month, comedian Amy Schumer hinted at the possible birth of Jennifer Lawrence’s baby during a Vanity Fair lie detector test. Thus, when asked about the actress’ maternity news, she replied that she had “only sent a text to Jennifer Lawrence but I bet she is doing well”.

She had all the same specified that she had not yet met the child or know his name: “She is intelligent enough not to tell me”, she had launched, laughing. It must be said that for Jennifer Lawrence, things are clear: she does not want to expose her child, as she confided in the columns of Vanity Fair, last December: “If I am at a dinner and someone one says, ‘Oh my god, you’re having a baby’, I wouldn’t say, ‘God, I can’t talk about it. Get away from me, you psychopath!’ But every part of my body will want to protect my privacy for the rest of my life, as much as possible,” she said.

“She loves her married life and they have a solid foundation for having a baby”

A source close to the actress even confided that she was “looking forward” to becoming a mother: “Jen has wanted a family for a long time and has found a perfect partner who she loves and respects. She loves her married life and they have a solid foundation to have a baby. She is very happy.” For the moment, no one knows the sex or the first name of this newborn. Hoping that one day maybe Jennifer Lawrence wants to reveal the pretty little face of her baby.

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