It is a role that has propelled her career as an actress. In 2012, while she had until then subscribed to independent productions, Jennifer Lawrence became the darling of Hollywood by obtaining the role of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games saga, styling the posts of very promising young actresses, such as Abigail Breslin or even Emma Roberts. A character that she will play for four films, each of which will be as successful as the next, for huge budgets worthy of the biggest science fiction productions. And against which the salary of Jennifer Lawrence is very pale.

While the budget for the first part of The Hunger Games was estimated at 78 million dollars, it turns out that the actress she received for this film “only” 500,000 dollars. A thin salary when we see the success of the film, but which subsequently allowed him to negotiate a well-deserved “extension”. Thus, she was able to position herself comfortably in the ranking of the best paid Hollywood actresses in 2013, 2014 then 2015 and 2016 where she was then first with a fortune estimated at 46 million, thanks in particular to the last two episodes of the saga where she holds the main role.

Jennifer Lawrence injured on the set of her latest movie

For some time now, Jennifer Lawrence has been more discreet in the cinema, she who married in 2019 her companion Cooke Maroney and had announced the previous year her intention to take a break from her acting career. If she has not indeed appeared in any film since X-Men: Dark Phoenix in 2019, the 30-year-old actress will soon be back on the screens, not in the cinema but on Netflix, in Don’t Look Up, where she gives the reply to Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet. A shoot that was not without a hard blow for her, who was injured in the eye during a take, earning her an evening in the hospital.

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