Jennifer Garner single: the star would have refused to marry John Miller

Jennifer Garner is once again a heart to take. After almost two years of relationship with John Miller, the actress is single. And the breakup was done in the same discretion that their relationship took place. “They remained friends, confided a relative of the ex-couple to the American media at the beginning of August. They simply started to see each other less and less and finally decided to break up. negative to say about it, they just weren’t moving in the same direction. ” If John Miller seemed ready to take the plunge into marriage, Jennifer Garner was not. “John was ready to ask for her hand – they had many conversations about the marriage – but Jen couldn’t see herself married to him, another source confirmed to Us Weekly. He was devastated. He wanted to spend the rest of it. his life with her. ” Despite their breakup, Jennifer Garner retains a special fondness for John Miller who helped her recover from her relationship with Ben Affleck.

“He made her feel beautiful, confident and sexy”, confides his relative, noting that he had proved “that there are men who can be trusted”: “He entered his life at a low point and has become a very important person ”. The honeymoon will therefore have lasted less than two years. Before meeting Jennifer Garner in October 2018, John Miller was married to violinist Caroline Campbell, the mother of his two children. The actress is therefore single again, which should not boost her morale. A few weeks ago in the midst of a health crisis, she burst into tears during a yoga class. “This build-up of tensions, the whole world is going through it in every way possible, she explained. I am in the luckiest possible situation. I have a roof, I have something to eat every day, my family and I are in good health. I have nothing to complain about. ”

Jennifer Garner: “It’s hard, it’s hard for everyone”

The mother of Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8, nevertheless worried about this health experience on her children. “How is this year full of transitions going to affect my children, my family? How can I keep this happiness of learning for them, or of helping them to continue to find their resilience? I think that is where I am. , psychologically, Jennifer Garner continued, her eyes cloudy. I think it’s easy to focus on the fact that we’re lucky as well, and it’s true. I try to focus on that, I’m lucky . But you also have to leave room for all this other stuff, it has to coexist. It’s hard, it’s hard for everyone. How do all the children in this world cope so lightly? ”

Jennifer Garner © Agency

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