Jennifer Garner single: Ben Affleck’s ex broke up after two years of love

“They remained friends” explains a source close to the couple who separated in the discretion – like their relationship – a few months ago after about two years of romance. “They just started seeing each other less and less and finally decided to break up” explains the source “she doesn’t have anything negative to say about him, they just weren’t moving in the same direction”. And for good reason, John was ready for the wedding and Jen did not want to commit.

The news of the relationship between the actress and the entrepreneur at the head of a company owning several restaurant chains was spread in October 2018 after the finalization of her divorce from Ben Affleck from whom she had already been separated since 2015. The two lovebirds were already dating for a few months after having immediately hooked when they met through mutual friends. It must be said that Jen and John had much more in common: both were divorced and parents and both have a daughter named “Violet”. They were on the same wavelength, prioritizing their families and careers and sharing the same desire to have a healthy lifestyle by playing sports and eating healthy – a shame for the CEO of a burger chain! We understand her when she declares that their relationship was a wonderful stage in her life afterwards what she endured with Ben Affleck who sank more and more into alcohol as their marriage took a toll …

Did the pressure of engagement ruin everything?

The question arises because the couple seemed to function wonderfully, those around Jen and John say that they were a good influence on each other, that they were very close friends, loved spending time together and that they were happy to see each other whenever they could. The couple spent time with their children playing board games or taking them on mountain excursions and shared one-to-one dinners when they were alone, but Jen had made it very clear that there was no longer the room. room in her life for an intense and serious relationship and just seemed very fulfilled alongside John as long as there was no pressure in the relationship.

Exclusive – Jennifer Garner walks the beach with a friend in Malibu on July 15, 2020 © Backgrid

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