If these movie stars have many admirers, they are not in a relationship … and live it very well! In 2020, Sharon Stone claimed her celibacy. During an interview, she assured: “I’m done with the appointments. I had some, it’s good. I find that people are not sincere and do not deserve my time. J love spending time alone and time with my kids and friends more than anything.” Ten years earlier, the actress once said, “Life and love are like the ocean. Sometimes the tide is high, and sometimes it’s low, and sometimes it’s desert. from Mojave… Where’s the tide right now? For me? Mojave! Luckily, I love the desert. I’m a desert flower.” Single since her divorce from Justin Theroux in 2017, Jennifer Aniston is in no hurry to find love again. In the Lunch with Bruce podcast, on Sirius XM, she said: “No one important has caught my attention yet, but I think it’s time. I think I’m ready to share something with someone. ‘a.” Since then, she is still single.

In May 2021, Angelina Jolie told E News that she was “lonely for a long time now.” After specifying that she had “a very long list of requirements”, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt had indicated that she could count on the support of her children. “They really take care of me. We’re a great team. So I’m very, very lucky,” she said. Single for seven years, Charlize Theron confided in June 2020: “I can honestly say that I don’t feel alone. When I had my children, it wasn’t that it replaced something. or that it made me less interested in other things. But my priorities require a lot of energy: it’s a lot of work to be a parent.” After 21 years of marriage, Nanny star Fran Drescher has divorced Peter Marc Jacobson. At the beginning of 2020, she had assured: “I think I had to work very consciously not to be co-dependent, not to be afraid of being alone or of doing things by myself (…) And to be really connected to myself has been a great journey, because now I don’t even feel like I have to be in a relationship, because I’m in a relationship with myself – and that’s been great.”

Teri Hatcher: “There’s a Difference Between Feeling Lonely and Being Lonely”

Divorced since 2003, Teri Hatcher, famous interpreter of Susan Meyer in the Desperate Housewives series, loves her life as it is. She told People, “There’s a difference between feeling lonely and being lonely. I’ve been single for a very long time, but there’s nothing lonely in my life. I want to take the stigma out of it. .” Committed, the actress had added: “Many women who divorce will not remarry. This kind of thing seems depressing, but it is not necessary. Many women do not only survive, they thrive. They are autonomous, they earn money, they are healthy, they travel. You have the right to be proud of your life when you are not part of a couple.”

Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone… These single stars who live it very well

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