Despite a complicated period because of the Coronavirus that she contracted again and which forced her to cancel her presence at the Enfoirés concert, Jenifer has some good news in store, which she immediately shared with her fans. this Saturday, February 5.

It is indeed on her Instagram account that the singer posted a photo accompanied by very good news for her many fans. Photographed in a recording studio, the beauty announces the great progress of her new album but also and above all a tour which will follow.

“I already have images of the concerts in my head!”

It is filled with joy that the starlet expressed herself through the caption of her new post: “I wanted to share with you my mood of the day…. because I am simply happy to see and to hear the album quickly come to life. My head is already full of images of the concerts! Large halls where we can meet to share it. Because there will be people on stage…a lot of world…and most of all crazy energy. I promise. I love you,” she said.

A post that announces as several good news to the fans who miss the star sorely. Even if many were disappointed not to be able to see and hear Jenifer at the concert of the Enfoirés in which we find her every year, the latter will thus be able to console themselves with this announcement full of hopes. A little more patience, and the winner of Star’Ac 1 will be back, for good this time!

Jenifer Bartoli © RACHID BELLAK

Lara T.
Lara T.

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