Jenifer is making a remarkable comeback on the music scene. On the occasion of the release of her latest album, baptized n ° 9, the singer was invited on the Daily set on Tuesday November 8, 2022. The former coach of The Voice returned to this latest opus but also to her life. private. Indeed, mother of three children, Jenifer has decided to dedicate a song to her toddlers which is called Waiting. Yann Barthès then wanted to make her react on this title in order to know the origin of this creation. “I was not very comfortable when I read the song because it upset me,” she said moved.

Upset on the Daily set, Jenifer continues: “it’s a statement to my offspring. It’s going to be complicated to sing it, it took me a lot of time to interpret it in the studio already. I had to put on my modesty really aside. It’s even difficult to talk about it so much it moves me… My children haven’t heard it”. A nice way to declare your love to your children. This is not the first time that the singer confides in her life as a mom. Interviewed in the program 50 ‘Inside, the mother of Aaron, Joseph and Juvanni had indicated that she wanted to focus “on the essentials” when she is with her family.

Jenifer: “The sense of family is very important”

Taking up her mother’s cap, Jenifer does not want her fame and her career to have repercussions on her children: “When I get home, I cut everything”, she confided, a broad smile on her lips. “The sense of family is very important” for her. “It’s my base.” And out of the question not to live a life like other mums: “I am a mum who works like many mums! I do a great job, I love what I do beyond a job, I am lucky enough to live from my passion.”

“Maternity helped me channel certain energies at the right time”

Jenifer then confided in her daily life as a mother: “It’s sporty, but I love it. It doesn’t lack rhythm. Maternity helped me channel certain energies at the right time. It made me grow all of a sudden and it gave me a lot of love and strength and conviction.” And to conclude, more fulfilled than ever: “I have a very full life, so it’s fine. If I hadn’t known anything, it would have made me anxious. But I’ve known a lot of things. There are had a lot of twists and turns in my life. Positives and negatives. But I’m moving forward and I’m proud.”

Her daily life as a mom

It is therefore important for this artist to find a certain balance between her two lives: “I try to do the best I can, like all working mothers. I think that, if their mother is fulfilled at work, the children are too! It’s all a matter of organization”. Very down to earth, Jenifer had confided: “I vacuum and clean my toilets. There are lots of moms who work and try to do their best. I do the same (…) My sons are more sportswear and as much for the clothes they are cool, as much for the sneakers, they really know what they want and collect them. For the first day of school, I favor comfort, but we always make a little effort on the day of the come home with a fresh haircut or a new T-shirt”.

Jenifer: the singer very moved by evoking her three children in Daily

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