Jenifer is no longer a heart to take. Today, she is married to Ambroise Fieschi and seems to be happier than ever. However, as she confided in the columns of Gala, Thursday, October 27, 2022, the first winner of Star Academy had to face many disappointments throughout her career. But she always managed to get out of all the complicated situations in which she could find herself. “We are a bit of a phoenix in the family. We always rise from our ashes,” she laughed. “Like everyone else, I have known less joyful moments, complicated trials to live. Loves, disamours. Trials of life as everyone can know”, she continued to make it clear that success does not prevent heartache.

Driven by the love of her loved ones and thanks to her strength of character, she has always managed to climb the slope. She assured that she had been carried by the love of her audience, but it is mainly thanks to her children that she never gave up. “I was a mom early, at 19, so it quickly put me in front of my responsibilities. I had to be strong,” she revealed. When she looks back on her life, even though she is only 39 years old today, she has the feeling “of having already lived a thousand lives”. Today, the one who is about to return to the front of the stage with the release of her new album soberly titled N ° 9, expected November 4, 2022, she will continue to do everything possible to protect her children.

Jenifer describes herself as a “mom wolf”

She describes herself as a “wolf mother”. “My children are my priority and they are not lacking in love,” she said with tenderness. And to add: “They are very surrounded, but my balance also passes through the music. (…) My base is there, very solid.” Even if she needs the stage and her audience to feel good, Jenifer has no way of influencing the future of her children. She does not want them to become artists if it is not their choice. “I want them to take the time to go through all the stages of life. I will do everything for them to be fulfilled,” she said.

She just wants her sons to “feel good about themselves.” No doubt the will of all mothers in the world. “I especially encourage them to give their all so that they can one day choose their future.” As a reminder, Jenifer is the happy mother of three children: Aaron Nouchy, fruit of her love with Maxime Nucci, Joseph Neuvic, who was born from her story with Thierry Neuvic and finally Juvanni Fieschi, who has just turned one year old. . The blended family seems to have found its marks and everyone has taken their place.

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