Emblematic coach of The Voice, Jenifer has only one candidate in his team. While she lost many talents during the cross-battles, the singer wanted to give all her support to Amalya. On Instagram, it is by unveiling a snapshot where we can see her hugging the young woman that the star wrote: “Make way for the semi-final tonight with sublime talents and the divine Amalya!” While she was very emotional last week, Jenifer added to her detractors: “For all those who find that I put too much heart in this show and who feel that I am too whole, these are the emotions that I feel! So I’m counting on you to give him a nice place in the final! ” Words that touched his fans who were many to defend him.

In the comments section, we can read: “We understand very well, you just remain yourself and that’s what makes you the best coach, that’s also why we love, we are fully with you and we will all do to get you a place in the final! ” ; “You are super cute! You are so yourself on this show, sincere! Count on us to vote and take you both to the final” but also: “This show wouldn’t be the same without you! Don’t change for nothing to the world! May the force be with Amalya tonight !! ” On Instagram, Amalya revealed that she would sing the hit of a big star. “Saturday night, I decided to sing a song that particularly touches me, very important for me, for us, for our future. It will above all be a tribute to all the people who fight every day to preserve our planet” , she revealed. And for good reason, she will interpret Michael Jackson’s Earth Song!

Amalya is the latest candidate for Jenifer’s squad

A few hours before the semi-final, it was in the Gala columns that Amalya agreed to talk about how she is approaching the rest of the competition. She said: “I know that I will take a new emotional course, but without pressure, especially since I am well surrounded by the teams of the show. You can not imagine how much! They are take care with me. ” In case of defeat, there is no doubt that she will be able to count on Jenifer’s support!

Jenifer © Denis Guignebourg

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