The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirms that discussions are underway about a Negan-centric spinoff series, meaning that even after the final season is over, we’re not done with him and Lucille.

The The Walking Dead series is currently in the middle of its eleventh and final season, and to say it’s running on fumes … well, that would be an understatement. The show’s best days are far behind it, but AMC has a long list of planned spinoffs, including an anthology series and a project centered on Norman Reedus‘s Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride’s Carol Peletier.

It must be said that the comic book news and the manga news is busy regarding the Walking Dead universe with the release of the comics The Walking Dead in prestige version at Delcourt, as well as the titles Negan, the alpha and the omega and The Walking Dead – The Stranger and Negan’s Return… Enough to stick to this last season at best!

Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes should still get its own movie, while Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Beyond are in their seventh and second/last seasons, respectively.

Now, it looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan could be next to get its own spin-off series.

“There have been discussions with me and the production people,” the actor told TV Line. “We’ll see. I mean, Negan could still find his way six feet under by the end of season 11, so that could be an issue unless it’s a prequel.” Morgan, who has played the villain since The Walking Dead’s sixth season adds that he thinks there are “still stories to be told with Negan.”

I kind of know how the season has gone so far,” he added. “And we’re opening windows here and there that would lend themselves to more Negan stories.

This isn’t the first time Morgan has teased the possibility of a solo series for Negan, though it’s unclear what the show would focus on. We’ve already had a bonus episode dubbed “Here’s Negan,” and that explored his origin story, so there’s a good chance any spinoff would serve as a sequel of sorts. The Walking Dead series will conclude in 2022 in the U.S.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan, star de WALKING DEAD, déclare que des discussions sont en cours sur un spin-off axé sur Negan
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