Netflix is ​​increasing the production of “true crimes” series that tell the dark stories of famous serial killers or the most glaucous news stories that have marked recent years. With its series on Jeffrey Dahmer, played by Evan Peters and signed Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan – to whom we also owe Glee and the American Horror Story franchise – the video-on-demand platform continues to fascinate its audience and introduce certain of the worst human beings of our species. Netflix also intends to continue to ride on the success of this fiction, no offense to the families of the victims, thanks to the release, this October 7, of the documentary series Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-portrait of a killer. The opportunity for viewers to learn even more about the case, and in particular the victims of the serial killer.

Among them, Tracy Edwards – played by Shaun J. Brown in the series – the only man who managed to escape Jeffrey Dahmer, and thanks to whom the police were finally able to apprehend the killer after 13 years of crimes. However, the one who was seen as a hero for a time unfortunately had a difficult life, like his meeting with Dahmer. According to ABC News, shortly after coming into the limelight for getting the Milwaukee cannibal arrested, Tracy Edwards was recognized on television by police in Tupelo, Mississippi. He was forced to join the city in August 1991 where he was then arrested for a sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl. Upon returning to the city of Milwaukee, the latest victim of Jeffrey Dahmer filed a complaint against the city’s police department for their incompetence which led to the death of multiple people and his own capture by Dahmer. He asks for 5 million dollars but his complaint is rejected and Tracy Edwards will then not be included in the class action organized by the families of the victims following which they shared the sum of 500,000 dollars.

Is Tracy Edwards still alive?

From the year 2002, Tracy Edwards becomes homeless and connects homes while accumulating crimes, whether theft or drug possession. In July 2011, then 52 years old, Tracy Edwards was arrested and convicted for the murder of Jonny Jordan. The hero who escaped Jeffrey Dahmer had indeed been seen with two other homeless people on a bridge over the Milwaukee River, then in the process, with the help of one of the men, to swing the other into the river. After pleading guilty, Tracy Edwards was sentenced to a year and a half in prison in January 2012. There is now no information on the whereabouts of the 63-year-old man.

Jeffrey Dahmer: what becomes of Tracy Edwards, the man who managed to escape the terrifying serial killer?

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