On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, Netflix unveiled the Dahmer series, based on the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The man who was nicknamed the cannibal of Milwaukee murdered 17 people in the 1980s. And if the series worn by Evan Peters in the main role quickly established itself as one of Netflix’s greatest hits, it was also controversial with the families of the victims.

Tuesday, October 4, another person who knew the course of the investigation well spoke for The Independent in order to pinpoint certain inconsistencies in the series. It’s about Anne E. Schwartz, a woman who was a young crime reporter at the time and who had entered Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment. She first wanted to remember that Glenda Cleveland, the neighbor of the serial killer actually lived in a building opposite and not in an apartment next door.

The crime reporter returned to the smell of decomposed bodies

One of the main elements highlighted in the Dahmer series is the foul smell of “spoiled meat” coming from the cannibal’s apartment and pervading the entire building. Yet, according to Anne E. Schwartz, this one was a little different. She explained, “I was a crime reporter for 5 years so I know the smell of buildings that have decomposed bodies in them. That wasn’t the case here. It was a chemical smell.”

Finally, the reporter wanted to come back to the role of the police in the case. In the series, they are strongly criticized because of their inaction. For Anne E. Schwartz, the situation was a little more complex. “I spent a lot of time with them, meeting people who were there. Again, it’s an adaptation, but at that time it was not easy for the authorities to gain the trust of the inhabitants. This representation does not help matters,” she said. A reality a little different from that told on the streaming platform.

Jeffrey Dahmer: she lived the sordid affair from the inside and pinpoints the inconsistencies of the series

Jeffrey Dahmer © Milwaukee Police Department

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