Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife becomes richest woman in the world

MacKenzie Scott has just overtaken Françoise Bettencourt Meyers and won the title of “richest woman in the world” after the fortune of her ex-husband Jeff Bezos, the man at the head of Amazon, reaches 200 billion dollars since last week and thus becomes the richest man in the world and in modern history! On her divorce in July 2019 after 25 years of marriage, novelist MacKenzie Scott earned $ 38 billion and 4% of the e-commerce business, or roughly 19.7 million shares. However, in six months, the action of Amazon took off 82%, bringing its value from 1898 dollars at the beginning of January to 3451 dollars at the end of August! As a result, MacKenzie Scott’s fortune went from 38 billion – which was already quite a bit – to 66 billion in a few months! Clearly, the global health crisis will not have been an economic crisis for everyone …

Who is MacKenzie Scott

The one who is now the richest woman in the world is a 50-year-old American novelist, born in San Francisco. She marries Jeff Bezos while he was the vice president of a hedge fund firm in NY and begins working for the company to “have a food administration job that would allow him to write novels.” Her fortune should allow her to write all the novels she wants, yet she only published two in 2005 and 2013. The first was however described as “rarity” by Toni Morrison, who was one of her teachers. at Princeton University and already considered her one of her best students. It is important to specify that MacKenzie does not hold her fortune from her simple marriage … Moreover Nick Hanauer, one of the first investors of Amazon declared “she should have acquired 50% of the company” during the divorce , and states “MacKenzie was a full partner, equal to Jeff in his early days.” In fact, at the start of the company, she took care of the accounting on the day, in an office which also served as a kitchen that she shared with another employee and at night she packed the orders in the warehouse … 134 million dollars of wage gap … sacred wage gap!

MacKenzie Scott has signed the Giving Pledge, which promises to give at least half of its estate to charity.

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott © © Image Press / KCS

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