The death of his father had dramatic consequences for him. After the death of Jean Yanne, great master of humor and self-mockery, his son Jean-Christophe lived a very complicated childhood. Its story, revealed by the weekly newspaper Ici Paris on September 1, was extremely difficult to take.

Born in 1991 from the relationship between Jean Yanne and clothing designer Christianne Fugger von Babenhausen, Jean-Christophe had everything to have a fulfilled life. But her mother, the daughter of a German aristocrat and an Indian from one of the highest social classes in her country, finds herself in the street after the death of her husband, Jean Yanne.

Jean Yanne dies of a heart attack

The comedian suffered a fatal heart attack shortly before turning 70, on May 23, 2003, while he was at his home in the town of Morsains, in the Marne. After that, the tax authorities decided to freeze all the actor’s income, which caused a real downfall for Christianne, unable to provide for her family on her own.

So much so that his son, Jean-Christophe, had to be placed in the DDASS (Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs). Two years later, in 2005, when she had managed to get her head out of the water by finding a job, Christianne never recovered custody of her child. Determined to change her life, she decided to move to Dubai a few months ago.

But she died of an accident on April 24, 2021, making the story of Jean-Christophe even more cruel, forced to send a death notice to all of his relatives: “Jean-Christophe, his son, Jennifer, Béatrice, Nadia, Sabine and Jeremy are very sad to announce the accidental death of Christianne Fugger von Babenhausen “. Jean-Christophe is therefore an orphan, at only 18 years old. A life that could not be more complicated when everything was reaching out to him …

Jean Yanne’s son placed at the DDASS © JEAN LOUIS MACAULT

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