At the heart of a huge scam, Jean Reno came out of silence. For several months, his image has been used by scammers on the Internet who try to trick Internet users into investing in bitcoin. Annoyed to be staged in this way, the actor published a long press release, broadcast by journalist Jean-François Guyot this Friday, July 1. “For several months, there have been broadcast on the internet, on a large number of media, on social networks and also by mailings to individuals, messages, for the most part with dubious syntax and spelling, encouraging the purchase of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies by payment of funds to certain financial providers”, can we first read. In these messages, the scammers claim “that the actor Jean Reno would have made his fortune by this means and would have even relayed it abundantly on television within the framework of programs in which he would have participated”.

Except none of this is true. Very upset, Jean Reno has therefore decided to warn Internet users and to restore the truth: “Mr. Jean Reno wishes to inform the public of the totally false nature of all of these announcements, (…) of what his identity and his image are used by the authors of these advertisements without any authorization on his part, that he has never made the comments attributed to him and that he has never endorsed the activities of companies in origin of these announcements”. In the continuation of his long press release, the friend of Laeticia Hallyday asks “everyone to show the greatest vigilance if he comes to know of such announcements or to be the recipient” while recalling that there are “trusted sites which regularly list the scams and scams that are current on the internet and allow to verify the legitimate character of such or such advertisement”.

A statement from actor Jean RENO

— Jean-Francois Guyot (@JFGuyot) July 1, 2022

Jean Reno: this symbolic project for his return

“Mr. Jean Reno declines all responsibility in the event that the use of the services promoted by these advertisements in which his image is fraudulently produced and which attribute to him false statements would cause any harm whatsoever to their user”, concluded Jean Reno. Very discreet in recent years, the actor returned to the spotlight on June 20, 2022 at the Monte-Carlo Festival to promote the series All these things we didn’t say to each other, based on the best-selling novel by Marc Levy. An important fiction for him, since it somehow echoes the relationship he had with his father. “My father did not speak much, he had no gestures of affection, of tenderness towards me, because he was from the 19th century, he confided, upset, in the columns of Télé Star. But at the same time, he built me, he built me…”

Jean Reno © Bruno Bebert


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