For seven years now, Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Delphine Tellier have lived a beautiful love story. With their blended family, they make the most of each other, even if at first everything was not rosy. But on June 15, Delphine Tellier gave birth to Ainhoa, a little girl who came to complete this beautiful family picture. Jean-Pascal’s companion then announced her pregnancy on social networks: “Official announcement. We kept this secret for a long time, but today it’s time to share our happiness with you! Especially since at almost 5 months it becomes difficult to hide my belly from you. As you could discover on the Instagram of 50’Inside, our blended family is growing! From now on, we will no longer be 4 but 5 for our greatest happiness”.

If the parents are now satisfied, there was still a little something missing: their marriage! “We had an order in fact. It was house, wedding and baby. We have to postpone the wedding since for the birth it falls right on the spot. We have to postpone the wedding to next year, “said the former member of Star Academy at 50’Inside. So even if it seems that the order has not been respected, Jean-Pascal and Delphine Tellier had to say yes this Saturday, June 25. It was not the case. And instead of being unhappy, the mother celebrated this postponement.

Delphine Tellier: “I’m happy to have postponed it to 2023”

Indeed, in an Instagram post, she revealed the reason why she was pleased to have postponed her union: “Yesterday was supposed to be our wedding date 06/25/2022. he did… I’m happy to have postponed it to 2023″, rejoiced the young woman. The couple will therefore focus on the preparations for their wedding, in the company of their pretty little girl who should have passed the milestone of one year, during the celebration of their marriage.



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