These are cash revelations. Jean-Michel Cohen was the guest of Jordan De Luxe on Thursday February 2. The opportunity for the health professional to confide in his very comfortable life. “Do we live well when our name is Jean-Michel Cohen today?” Asked the host. “Ah yes, really good!” exclaimed the famous nutritionist. “What is 15,000 euros?” Wanted to know Jordan De Luxe. And it is in all honesty that the doctor answers: “It’s even a plus (…) 20,000 euros per month”, he confides. The nutritionist then reveals his sources of income. “Books matter a lot. Because there are the books you see when they come out, the ones that sell because they came out. There have been over 30 of them, and there are the books that sell abroad. So there are a lot of things”, he specifies.

Indeed, Jean-Michel Cohen sells his books in hundreds of thousands of copies: “At one point, the food guide, it was 200,000 copies each time, shared with Patrick Serog, but we received 2 euros per exemplary. So 400,000 euros is 200,000 each”. If he can be proud of his success, Jean-Michel Cohen says he is not comfortable with his fortune. “We are ashamed. We do not know how to play with money. It means that I am a spendthrift, even if I earn a lot of money, I spend and above all, I give a lot,” he confided.

A fortune difficult to live

For the nutritionist who was brought up in a modest family, money is not everything in his life: “For me, money is a non-value. I didn’t have much of it, I saw my parents to suffer to earn a little. So for me, it’s a non-value. And I had a great grandfather who said: ‘The rich is the one who lives like a rich person, and the poor, he’s the one who lives like a poor man. And I’ve always lived like a rich man, even when I had no money,” he explains.

Jean-Michel Cohen reveals his (very) big salary, and he is not proud of it

Jean-Michel Cohen © CEDRIC PERRIN

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