Jean-Marc Morandini will have to answer for his actions. Monday, October 24, 2022, he was tried by the Paris correctional court for corruption of minors. He is accused by two men, including a certain Romuald (the first name has been changed) who had met the famous host in 2013. He was part of the audience of a number of his show You are live, on NRJ12. A few days later, Jean-Marc Morandini had followed Romuald on Twitter. At the time of the facts, he was 15 years old and the host 47. The latter would have made several explicit sexual proposals to him. It is for these messages that he must face justice. “Afterwards, it really got out of hand. He mentioned masturbation, asking me if I was masturbating,” the young man had explained to the investigators.

Totally a fan of the host who was “extremely publicized and popular” during the facts, the 15-year-old boy explained that he ended up “going into his game and answering his questions”. In other messages, Jean-Marc Morandini would have asked him if he had a hard-on. Romuald would have answered in the affirmative. “Hummm”, would then have sent Jean-Marc Morandini. In other messages, the facilitator would have even told the scenario that he had imagined for both of them. “You got down on your knees… You opened my belt. You lowered the pants. You said: I love…”

In front of the investigators, Jean-Marc Morandini did not deny these messages but assured that he thought that Romuald was 18 years old. “On Twitter and on Facebook, I talk to a lot of people, I would say 200 people regularly. The people I received on my set came to tell their sex story. My basic audience likes it. So it happens in our conversations. , it’s not a taboo,” he said at the time. He then claimed to have immediately stopped talking about sex as soon as Romuald told him his age. Only, Romuad ensured that his age was indicated on his Twitter profile.

The man who accuses Jean-Marc Morandini would be a destroyed man

Today, almost ten years after the events, Romuald would be a destroyed man. He would not be able to recover from the exchanges he was able to have with the famous animator. “He is ashamed of having played this game, of having been under the influence of this famous man who dangled things for him”, declared Armelle Le Bigot-Macaux, the president of the Agir association. Against Child Prostitution (ACPE), which is a civil party to the trial. Today, she wants Jean-Marc Morandini to recognize the facts and be condemned. “We are talking about sexual violence on a young homosexual boy, it is even more hidden, it is a double taboo. It is appalling for him to go and appear in front of a court”, she continued.

Jean-Marc Morandini remains presumed innocent of the charges against him.

Jean-Marc Morandini trial: "Afterwards, things really got out of hand..." These disturbing facts that he is accused of

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