His death was a real blow. On June 17, 2022, Jean-Louis Trintignant disappeared, surrounded by his family. Nadine Trintignant wanted to pay him a new tribute, confiding with tenderness and emotion to our colleagues from Paris Match. She notably returned to the relationship that the filmmaker had with his daughter, the late Marie, with whom he had been able to share the stage. But the actor had a clear principle: he never helped his children to integrate the world of cinema. “When Téchiné (André Téchiné, director editor’s note.) needed an actress of our daughter’s age, Jean-Louis, he did not want her to pass the tests”, she confides.

Nadine Trintignant then evokes the reason why the filmmaker acted in this way: “‘I will never help my children’, he kept telling me. He had managed on his own, he didn’t know anyone when he arrived in Paris. In his acting class, at the Charles Dullin school, he had been warned: ‘listen my little one, you are not talented, leave it…’ And Jean-Louis persisted”. A way therefore to push his children to realize themselves and not take advantage of their name to be able to access castings.

Nadine Trintignant looks back on her meeting with the filmmaker

The director took advantage of this interview with our colleagues to come back to her meeting with the one for whom she has always kept affection: “We met young, I was 22 years old. , to rub shoulders, to talk to each other. He lived next to me for a long time, in the Marais. His wife, Marianne, whom I love very much, was wonderful. She will feel a terrible grief, a loss… “, she confides before continuing: “When you find yourself alone, you suddenly understand that no one needs you anymore and it’s hard. Whether it’s with Alain (Corneau ndlr.), Jean-Louis , Pauline or Marie, this ‘never again’ side is impossible to overcome. And yet, I am here. I must love life in a passionate way… Even if there are always reasons to hold on, to ‘to hang up”. Confidences touching for the one who has experienced many dramas in her life.

Jean-Louis Trintignant © JACOVIDES-BORDE-MOREAU


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